Friday, May 25, 2012


As of 1:47pm we are able to confirm reports of the PEA invasion of PPNO.  Large columns of mechanized units crossed the border earlier today and began fanning out across the Valley.  This invasion dwarfs the 1973 border war in almost every aspect.  PEA forces have mostly concentrated around the mining towns and it appears, again, diamonds are the focus of the invasion.

With the recent changes in the residency laws in PPNO, the Babari worshippers are now in the crosshairs of the PEA forces.  Their militant wing, the Babari Revolutionary Front, are reported to have engaged one of the many PEA mechanized column.  That report can be found on our affiliate AWB NEWS' site.

It is our reminder our broadcast is not responsible for any incorrect information contained in the AWB NEWS report, as this is an ongoing crisis and we have not been able to independently verify all its facts.

(The article on the other site represents the battle that occurred.  At the time of that game the background was not complete for the campaign so story/information is largely incorrect)


On 10/30/1990 at 10:36am our affiliate AWB NEWS has begun broadcasting news of Portuguese East Africa's invasion of PPNO.  The last time these two countries had a border dispute was in 1973, when PEA invaded and held the diamond-rich Valley of the Olifants for almost a year before being driven back out. 

At this time we can neither confirm or deny this story but are investigating further.